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10x Large Microfibre Cleaning Auto Car Detailing Soft Cloths Wash Towel Duster

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Advantages of Microfibre:

Ultra soft & scratch free
High absorbency
Easy wash & quick dry
Very lightweight and portable to take it anywhere
Streak and lint free & very durable
Utilizes water and detergents
Attracts dust like magnets
Ideal to use

Great to use in washing, drying, waxing / polishing your car, boat, motorcycle, cleaning TV / tablet / phone / computer screen, etc
Possible Uses:
Multi-purposes household cleaning - in kitchen, bathroom, office
Dusting - mirrors, windows, surface, furniture, cars interior
Gently dust - laptops, monitors, LCD, mobile phones, TVs
Mop up - spills, floors, tables
Polishing - cars, furniture
Car detailing - shampoo, waxing, polishing

Washing Instructions:
Machine washable
Do not tumble dry or iron
No bleach or fabric softener
Wash separately the first time

Material: microfibre
Size: 40cm x 40cm
Colour: Blue
Package Contents: 10 ×Microfibre Cleaning Cloths / Towels