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Cordless Drill 18V 2 Batteries Li-ion Screwdriver 151 Drill Bits Accessories

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Quality and Value in One Package: The cordless drill kit gives you a best-selling MYLEK drill along with over 150 drill bits and accessories. This one affordable kit contains everything you need to take care of virtually any DIY job around the home – it even comes with a heavy-duty carrying case to keep it all in.
High-Speed, High-Torque Performance: The latest Compakt drill offers you the option of high speed and high torque, so it’s suitable for drilling through both hard and soft surfaces. Thanks to the variable speed control trigger, you’re always in complete control of your speed and torque settings, so you’ll be able to work quickly and neatly.
Lightweight Design: Despite its impressive drilling power, the Compakt is truly… well, compact! It’s light and easy to hold without feeling cheaply-made, so it’s perfect for working in tricky or tight spaces. You can comfortably use the drill for extended periods, which is good to know if you need to hold it over your head to work on a light fitting.
Designed with You in Mind: Every part of this drill is designed with user-friendliness in mind. This means it’s easy to use for DIY novices and experts alike. It has a rubberised grip for your comfort, a non-slip keyless chuck for quickly changing drill bits, a bright LED spotlight for working in low light, a battery life indicator, and more.
Long Battery Life: This drill set includes a new and improved 1500MAH Li-Ion battery. It uses the latest technology to pack a higher charge and an improved performance into a smaller housing so you never have to worry about a flat battery again. It’s fast to charge and holds charge better when not in use, so it won’t go flat if you’ve stored the drill away for a while.
151 Drill Bits and Other Accessories: Included in the price of this drill set is over 150 handy drilling accessories. These accessories include almost 70 different drill and screwdriver bits, wire brushes, grinding stones, sockets, and a handy pack of wall plugs and screws. It even comes in a heavy-duty carry case to keep it all in, perfect for when you’re on the go.
What’s in the Box?
18V cordless drill          
1500MAH Li-Ion battery pack x 2         
3 x wood spade drill bits          
5 x grinding stones          
9 x socket set          
10 x HSS drill bits          
10 x twist drill bits          
10 x masonry drill bits          
22 x 25mm screwdriver bits          
12 x 50mm screwdriver bits          
3 x carbon steel wire brush bits          
3 x wire brush holders         
60 x wall plug and screw set          
Countersink bit          
Countersink bit holder          
Drill bit holder          
Heavy-duty carry case