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8L Garden Pressure Sprayer Chemical Weed Sprayer

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8L Garden Pressure Sprayer – Portable Hand Pump Chemical Weed Spray Bottle
Imagine rolling around clumsy, and incredibly heavy pressure sprayers out in the yard under the sweltering summer heat. Now that couldn’t be too much fun – for you and especially for your plants! Work quicker and more efficient with our pump action sprayer. For better mobility, we’ve also designed this garden sprayer with a comfortable shoulder strap that lets you carry it around as you move along the yard.

Our hand pump garden sprayer is available in 8L

CHEMICAL SAFE: Do your routine chemical spraying to your garden crops with confidence. Our hand pump pressure washer is safe to use with common gardening chemicals such as weed killers, pesticides, insecticides, liquid fertiliser, and of course, good old water. There’s no need to bring the back-breaking, pressure spraying equipment out of the shed for smaller jobs!

DURABLE, FROSTPROOF AND SHATTERPROOF: Our cordless garden sprayer is made from super durable, shatterproof and frost resistant materials so you can enjoy your portable pressure sprayer for a very long time! It’ll handle accidental knocks and drops without any issues.

ADJUSTABLE SPRAY PATTERNS: Some areas in your garden can be quite tricky to spray on. This is where the adjustable extension lance for the handheld pressure sprayer comes in; giving you enough reach to cover more ground easily! The extension lance also has a handy adjustable nozzle that can switch to a normal spray to a strong jet for more versatility.

EASY TO USE: Just twist on the cap and transfer your gardening chemicals into the tank, give the handle a few pumps and you’re ready to go! The tank on this portable pressure sprayer is translucent and comes with convenient measurement markings for more accurate fillings.

COMES WITH SHOULDER STRAP: Easily carry your portable garden sprayer with you in the yard. Don’t get chained down on heavy, gasoline or electric-powered pressure equipment! Our sprayer comes with a comfortable shoulder strap so you can stay as mobile as you need and get the job done as quick as you can!

Easy to Use Pump Action Water Sprayer
Our pressure sprayer comes with a handy, adjustable lance that should give you enough reach to cover every inch of your yard. Simply twist the nozzle to switch it between a normal spray for delicate plants and a strong jet for even more reach. It can also be used to clean off caked in dirt on your patio area and fences!

Get just the ideal amount needed for your solutions with our hand pump pressure sprayer’s translucent tank! Its semi-transparent build allows you to clearly see how much you’re pouring into the tank. It’s also conveniently marked with precise measurements to guide you with mixing your solutions.

This super versatile garden sprayer can be used to spray plant food, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and more — all in just one tool!  Its tank is also made from rugged, shatterproof and frost-proof material that ensures you won’t be needing a replacement anytime soon.

Using our portable garden sprayer couldn’t be any simpler. Just twist on the top handle to gain access to the tank. Pour in your solution, seal it back in, give it a few pumps and fire away. No more need for expensive fuel, clumsy motors and unbearable wirings — this handheld garden sprayer’s cordless design gets the job done pain-free!

As an added safety feature, our pressure sprayers are designed with a safety release valve that will let you remove the pressurised air in the tank before you clean out the contents.

Please Note: Our garden pressure sprayers are not suitable for use with harmful, corrosive substances such as paints, varnishes, bleach, acids or other similar solutions that may damage the material.