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Solar Powered Retro String Garden Lights 12.5 foot Long

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Solar Powered Retro Bulb String Lights
OUTDOOR AMBIENT DECOR - Add an enchanting vibe to your outdoor space with these fairy LED bulb lights. Each bulb gives off a warm light, giving a cozy vibe to your garden, porch, or patio.
YEAR-ROUND LIGHTING - Keep your outdoor space brightly lit from spring to winter. The solar-powered retro light bulbs are designed to withstand constant exposure to the sun, rain, and wind.
INSTALLS IN AN INSTANT - Forget about lengthy and unsightly electric cords. Just hang the bulb string lights in an area that gets full sun exposure during the day to power them up all night.
DUSK-TO-DAWN FEATURE - These outdoor bulb string lights automatically turn on at night, and switch off as the sun rises. This helps you save time, as well as lengthens the lifespan of the bulbs.
GREAT FOR GARDEN PARTIES - Turn your garden into your very own enchanted forest. These lights are perfect for fairy-themed outdoor garden parties, birthdays, weddings, and family gatherings.
Want to instantly add a magical vibe to your outdoor living space?

Your garden already looks fantastic during the day - but lighting it up at night will make it look even better. Sadly, using ordinary electric light bulbs will require tedious wiring work, and these may pose a safety hazard amidst the UK's infamous unpredictable gloomy weather.

If you want to immediately --and safely-- touch your lawn and porch with an enchanting glow, these solar-powered string lights are the best solution.

Give your garden a warm, cozy, and summery glow at night.

Installing string lights in your garden boosts the overall appeal of your outdoor living space. These fairy lights emit a warm and calming hue, creating a relaxing vibe in your lawn, deck, patio, porch, trellis, or backyard. Transform your space from mundane to Pinterest-worthy!

The string measures 12.5ft and is fitted with 10 light bulbs, each one relying on stored solar energy for power. No need to plug the lights into an electrical socket. The bulbs are also designed to withstand the elements, providing enchanting illumination even on rainy nights.

Unlike ordinary string lights that need to get switched on or off by hand, these fairy lights have a dusk-to-dawn feature. This means the bulbs switch on or off depending on the brightness of your surroundings.

Need more time to make a decision? Here are more reasons to love these outdoor fairy lights:
Available in white or multicoloured variants
Classy, vintage design
6.6ft lead spacing
Bulb measures 6cm x 5cm
Year-round outdoor lighting
Transform your backyard into your own magical garden.