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Waterproof Junction Box Cable Connector 24A 3 Way

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1. Waterproof rating IP68: The waterproof junction box achieves IP68 waterproof, dustproof, impact resistance, waterproof silicone seal, UV protection, sun protection and rain, these features ensure that it can be used in the sun or rainy days.
2. High-quality materials: Waterproof junction box IP68 is made of high-quality plastic PC shell, will not crack or fade in the sun, durable, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and long life.
3. Waterproof rubber ring: equipped with waterproof sealing rubber ring, suitable for various wires. You can replace it to fit different wires to prevent water from entering. Seal it completely with waterproof sealing rubber ring and sealing screw.
4. Widely used: suitable for electrical installation, outdoor wiring and cable maintenance or expansion. It can be installed outdoors and indoors, such as walls, gardens, yards, roads, terraces, roads, streets, swimming pools, ponds, balconies, houses, etc. It is also widely used in underwater engineering, underground engineering and various industrial fields.

Type: Waterproof Junction Box
Material: PC
Size: 10*9*4cm
Colour: black, white, white transparent

Package Include:
1x cable junction box
1x terminal
3x silicone ring
5x screw